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The first real post.

I have to share with everyone in this community one of my favorite albums.

 Xu Feng by John Zorn

If anyone doesn't know, John Zorn is one of the most famous Free Jazz composers, and also wrote the famous "Haitian Fight Song."

Let me give you a reveiw from Amazon.com:

"This exciting release initiates a new series of CDs documenting the best of John Zorn's infamous game pieces, harnessing improvisers in complex compositional formats, combining the unpredictable edge of improvisation with the structural integrity of written composition. "Xu Feng" (shoo-fung) was composed immediately after "Cobra" and is the most dynamic and fast-paced of them all. Intense and violent, and featuring an extraordinary all-star band [Fred Frith, John Schott, Chris Brown, David Slusser, Dave Lombardo & William Winant], "Xu Feng" captures the exciting Kung-fu action of the martial arts for which the piece is named."

You all must check it out at least once, it's a trip. If you have soulseek, my user name is "crucifytheinsincere". I have it there. Peace.
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