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euphonyemporium's Journal

Music Elitest Unite: EuphonyEmporium
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Welcome everyone to EuphonyEmporium. This is a community for those who indulge in a world of music. Music makes us who we are, defines our emotions, feelings, and expresses a sense of common identity. This is a community for those to share your love for music, your knowledge, your passion to teach others about your tastes in music, and share with it to the world. This is a music rating community, but we want to be fair. We won't tear you apart for your taste in music, but we will correct you if you are wrong about your genres for example. We are elite, but we aren't dickheads out to get you. We have some rules we'd like to enforce:


1.) Be polite, don't be rude to the mods, don't be rude to your fellow members.

2.) Pseudo-Elitism is ridiculous. Don't be rude to someone for liking a certain band or style of music. You're not elite, you're an asshole. We are here to expand the horizons of people, expand their tastes in music. We don't all agree and enjoy every band and artist out there. Be polite and offer that person some recomendations.

3.) Feel free to promote other communities in here for music rating, but please don't take advantage of this, and use this community soley as a promo whore paradise.

4.) A word of advice, when posting your application, try and show as much variety as you can in your 10 bands list. It'll make you more well rounded, and give us a taste of what you like. It'll also give you a better chance of getting approved

5.) Promote Promote Promote, Please promote this community as much as possible.
Here's the application.

Name your 10 favorite bands.


Name your 5 favorite albums.


What genre(s) do you 'specialize' in?

Impress us and name 10 bands from that/those genre(s).

Favorite books?

Favorite movies?

Why do you want to join this community?

What do you think you could bring to this community?

Be nice and post some pictures of yourself.

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2 step garage, 3rd wave ska, 77 punk, acid, acid house, acid jazz, album rock, ambiant, anachro, art punk, avant-garde, baroque, batcave, big band, black metal, blues, blues rock, booty bass, breakbeat, breatcore, britpop, c-86, cassete culture, chamber music, chamber pop, classical, comedy, country, crust punk, dark ambiant, dark indie, dark punk, darkwave, death metal, deathpunk, deathrock, detroit techno, dirty south, disco, doo-wap, dream pop, drill and bass, drum and bass, dub, east coast rap, easy listening, ebm, electroclash, elitism, emo, emocore, experimetal, film score, folk, free jazz, freeform, frenchpop, funk, futurepop, g-funk, gabber, gangsta rap, garage rock, ghetto-tech, glam rock, glitch, goa, golden age, gospel, goth rock, gothabilly, grunge, happy hardcore techno, hardcore, hardcore punk, hardcore techno, hip hop, horrorpunk, house, idm, indie pop, indie rock, industrial, industrial dance, jangle pop, japanoise, jazz, jazz fusion, jpop, jrock, jungle, kraut rock, la punk, math rock, metal, minimal, motown, music, music as a religion, music rating, musique concrete, neo folk, neo psychedelia, new romantic, new wave, new york punk, no wave, noise, noise rock, oi, opera, parody, pop punk, positive punk, post hardcore, post punk, post-hardcore, power noise, proto punk, psyambiant, psychedelia, psychobilly, psytrance, queercore, rap, rating, rave, reggae, riot grrl, rockabilly, ska, ska punk, skate punk, soundtrack, speedcore, street punk, surf, surf rock, swing, synthpop, tape music, tech-house, thrash, trance, trip hop, turntablism, vgm, visual kei, west coast rap, world