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Name your 10 favorite bands.

This is in no real order, I don't think any respectiable music fan could be asked to do this and actually come up with an easy top 10 list. It's like asking what "are you 5 favorite songs of all time?"

1. The Pogues
2. Hank Williams
3. Pixies
4. The Clash
5. Nick Drake
6. Sublime
7. Mighty Mighy Bosstones
8. Fugazi
9. Black Sabbath
10. Pavement

Name your 5 favorite albums.

1. Pixies--Surfer Rosa
2. Beatles--White Album
3. Mephiskaphles--God Bless Satan
4. Elvis Costello--My Aim is true
5. Bad Brains--Black Dots

What genre(s) do you 'specialize' in? Ska(all three waves) and reggae

Impress us and name 10 bands from that/those genre(s). I decided to give some quick descriptions of some of the bands but it started to take a while and I know that you want my application in as soon as possible, so I abandoned it.

First Wave/Reggae
The Skatalites---Orginal just a local band that would play in a hotel for local tourists went on to be one of the most dominate and long lasting voices in the genre. Also for a short while they were a studio group and backed many of Leslie Kong's and Coxone Dodd's groups.

Desmond Dekker--The self proclaimed "King of Ska". Desmond Dekker is simply an inspiration.

Prince Buster--An artist whose hits like "Madness" "Too Hot" "Rough Rider" "Al Capone" which later was re worked by The Specials and became "Gangsters", was covered to an insane degree by pretty much all of the Two Tone bands. He was one of the first artists to have a cult following in England and was one of the first artists to play there. Due to his music he was alot of peoples first look into reggae

(King) Yellowman---The legendary Yellowman one of the first artists to embrace what would become Dance Hall Reggae. Born an Albanio he was often harassed by his fellow Jamaicans but proved he through his words and his voice that he stood miles above anyone else in the virgining genre.

Delroy Wilson--Delroy simply had soul. Delroy mostly sang the kind of songs that Jimmy Cliff or Sam Cooke would sing but he did it with his own particular style and grace. Truly one of the amazing talents. Early in his career he was known to have been fueding with reggae star Prince Buster.

The (Wailing) Wailers(the Wailing Wailers was their first name when they wore suits and tired to go for a more group sound like the kind that had inspired alot of the early reggae acts. Everything that needs to be said on the Wailers has been said millions of times by more well versed people then me.

Toots and The Maytals---Very much like The Stones and The Beatles was the battle between Toots and Bob Marley for top billing in the reggae world. Although both extremly talented but as you all know Bob Marley triumphed and become an international superstar while Toots and the boys although well respected are religated to cult status. But despite this short coming they are credited with the inventing the term "reggae" due to their single "Do the Reggay"

Jimmy Cliff---The man with the voice that could bring the heavens down. I don't care in what respect you categorize him in, he simply has one of the most beautiful voices you are likely to hear.

Laurel Aitken---Often called "The Grandfaher of Ska". He was cutting his teeth in recording before there even was such a thing as "Ska". Laurel was the first to record for the important Blue Beat label. In his ska days he was often backed by The Skatalities. By the time Bob Marley came around Laurel's take on the sound seemed very old hat until the two tone explosion. During that time Laurel's song "Pussy Price" was recorded by The(English Beat) under the new name "Ranking Full Stop" which they had a huge hit with. Also he is credited with the start of the "Skinhead Reggae" movement.

The Melodians

Dennis Brown

Two Tone
The Specials---The founders and arguebably the best band of the Two tone Ska movement. Blending their love for the classics covering such hits as "Monkey Man" orginally by Toots and The Maytals and "Gangsters" called Al Capone by Prince Buster and many other songs refueled the british intrest in Ska and reggae records and artists. They founded the label that released records by The Selecter, The Beat, Bad Manners and many other groups that would go on to be classics. Sadly the Specials couldn't get along for much longer but in their brief history not only did they make some fantastic record but thanks to their label generations to come would hear Two Tone Ska and the first wave of ska.

The (English) Beat

Bad Manners
The Selecter


The Bodysnatchers
The Untouchables
The Buster Allstars

3rd Wave
Spring Heeled Jack USA
Edna's Goldfish
Reel Big Fish
Skankin Pickle
Streetlight Manifesto
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Blue Meanines

Favorite books? "High Fidelty" by Nick Hornby, "A conspiracy of paper" by David Liss, "Women" by Charles Bukowski, among many others

Favorite movies? High Fidelty, Clerks, Casablanca, Sin City, Pulp Fiction. Evil Dead triology, Goodfellas, The Graduate,Keeping the Faith, Ed Wood, Plan nine from outer space, and many many more

Why do you want to join this community? Well I am always intrested in finding about more music and expanding what I listen to. I feel when you share a bit of music with someone it is the best gift you can give because it really sticks with you. Long after a person is long gone either emotionally or physically you can remember them from the songs that they liked and the songs that you played them. In the terms of this community, I think if you share a piece of music that gets played loudly at one of their parties or music to just bum out over when you are feeling low, you have given them something special that they can use for years to come.

What do you think you could bring to this community? I think I can bring my intense love of all kinds of music(Ska, Reggae, Punk(77 Punk, Hardcore, etc), Folk, "emo"(in the tradtional rites of spring and fugazi sense) country, hip hop, psychobilly and much more) and always have something to say on every topic. I also would be happy to share any piece of music I have with anyone that would like to hear it. Overall i am just a nice guy who really likes music and I am pretty much sure that goes for everyone in the community.

Be nice and post some pictures of yourself.: To be honest I don't really feel the need to. This is susposed to be a music community and I would be happy to talk music with anyone and that is what this should all be about.
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