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Name your 10 favorite bands.

I can't pick 10 for all time, so this is for the moment.

1. Von Thronstahl - german nationalist neo-classical.
2. SOUL'D OUT - japanese smooth-as-all-hell hiphop.
3. Steve Reich - late 20th century minimalist composer.
4. Finntroll - folk metal. :D
5. Biosphere - cold arctic ambient music.
6. Christ - IDM from an ex boards of canada member.
7. Augustus Pablo - Dub, mang. Dub.
8. Mors Syphliltica - Ethereal projekt stuff.
9. Nick Drake - One of the most soothing folk artists ever.
10.Modest Moussorgsky - Russian classical music from the romantic era.

Name your 5 favorite albums.

Again, this is for the moment...

1. Robert Rich & Brian Lustmord - Stalker (excellent dark ambient)
2. Laurie Anderson - Big Science (her lyrics are amazing)
3. Death in June - But What Ends, When The Symbols Shatter? (12-strings are better than you.)
4. Ott - Blumenkraft (Jamaican pirates would write music like this.)
5. Monolake - Gravity (techno for space travellers)

What genre(s) do you 'specialize' in?

Minimalism, classical, minimal/ambient techno, visual kei, chillout, dub, actual ambient music (no drums), metal, psytrance, neo-folk, slowly getting into older folk music, noise, post-punk, industrial music. Getting into ska.

Impress us and name 10 bands from that/those genre(s).

1. William Basinsky (ambient)
2. :Zoviet*France: (wierd shit :p )
3. Bathory (metal)
4. Hildegard von Bingen (medival plainchant)
5. Erik Satie (strange classicaly stuff)
6. Shpongle (psy-chillout)
7. Burning Spear (reggae)
8. Madeth Gray'll (visual-kei)
9. Sutekh (techno)
10. SPK (industrial)

Favorite books?

Savitri Devi - The Lightning and the Sun
Phillip K. Dick - Divine Invasion
HP Lovecraft - Everything he did..
Francis Parker Yockey - Imperium
Ragnar Redbeard - Might is Right
Victor Hugo - Les Miserables

Favorite movies?

Akira, Stalker, Session 9, um, other stuff.

Why do you want to join this community?

I like music communities, and I know some of you anyway.

What do you think you could bring to this community?

An even bigger testosterone deficiency.

Be nice and post some pictures of yourself.
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